Simple is powerful.

Hello, My name is Yufei Li, major in Computer Science. I am a python developer and have a little front-end skill.

Social Network





Chantrans - 2014.4 ~ 2014.7

A startup company, I program some algorithm demo in it, BTW, I using many open source project to implement the service.

Such as compute the rank of social networking, mining the cluster of SNS, wrapping for NLP algorithm ...

ELE.ME - 2015.7 ~ 2015.10

I had written backend data API in the BPM Team.

In this period of time, I work with SOA(Service-oriented architecture), write the micro-services using Python.



  1. A very simple code generator.
  2. With complate documentation, test cases, CI, and git flow management.
  3. Practice for developing the open source project.

Front-end of tiger compiler

  1. I have been finished the lexical and grammer ready to build AST and semantic.
  2. Using Flex + Bison, implement by C++.
  3. Ready for traslating to LLVM IR, using VM as backend.

Star Dream

A practice project for learning Vue.js.

Docloud Project

  1. Develop a simple web framework base on Flask, named Luna.
  2. A simple document converter APP Demo.
  3. A simple SSO (Token Server).
  4. Build as desktop software using NW.js.

Wei XinYong

  1. A site for holding a mathematics model.
  2. Data visualization using Echarts.

ELE.ME BD Web/Mobile

  1. Develop the apis for restaurant center with SOA practice.
  2. CI for documentation.
  3. REPL debuging tools for developer.

Chantrans Social Segment Target

  1. Fetching data from Sina Weibo real time.
  2. Clustering the social relationship network with authorization.
  3. Loading and rendering Demo.

Chantrans Key Opinion Leader

  1. Fetch data for special domain from Sina Weibo.
  2. Caculate the rank of influence.
  3. Get the Key Opinion Leader and return to demo.